Mayhem is every where -- Allstate has done a great job with their commercials. We collected our top ten Mayhem spots and want to know which one you like the best!

  • 10

    Deer In Head Lights

    Favorite Line "Cuz that's what deer do!"
  • 9

    Blind Spot

    Favorite Line "You're good"
  • 8

    Creepy Motel Owner

    Favorite Line "For an extra $8 I can watch you sleep"
  • 7


    Favorite Line "Turn Rigth no TURN LEFT"
  • 6


    Favorite Line "Like you the further we go into winter the heavier I get."
  • 5

    Quarter Back

    Favorite Line "I'm a transfer student -- so I'm a little lost."
  • 4

    Cut Rate Lawn Maintenance

    Favorite Line "Sorry for $5 you don't get my undivided attention."
  • 3


    Favorite Line "Making sure 'this' stays a 10"
  • 2

    Pink SUV

    Favorite Line "OMG Becky isn't even hot!"
  • 1

    Large Espresso

    Favorite Line "Your 15 min car insurance may NOT cover my $90,000 car"