Say cheese! Err, not quite.

Christopher Shirley has the dubious honor of taking a mugshot...while he was sleeping.

Police in Montgomery County, Texas arrested Shirley, 20, outside a Walmart after they found himself catching some shuteye while behind the wheel of his running truck, which was in reverse. His truck had backed into another vehicle and when police found Shirley they couldn't wake him up.

After medical officials arrived, Shirley emerged from his slumber, although his speech was slurred and he failed a sobriety test.

Fast forward to the police station where Shirley couldn't handle the glare of the bright lights. In this case, the bright lights were for his mugshot, which, as you can see, featured him fast asleep.

Of course, can you really expect much more from a guy found passed out in a truck outside a Walmart? Somehow, that seems just about right.

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