You read that headline and just laugh. However, what makes it funnier is it's a true story.

I just imagine seeing a dude bringing his burger to his blanket on the beach and suddenly being surrounded by birds trying to get his lunch.

Just that mental image is funny.

But I digress, Nate Rancloes was on Hampton Beach when he sitting on the sand about to enjoy his cheeseburger and fries according to

According to Rancloes, seagulls got to his burger and he swung his leg to shoo them away.

That swinging leg struck one the birds. A bystander said the bird appeared to have injured it's leg and had trouble flying away.

Police did investigate and Nate Rancloes was fined $124 for the incident. Lt. Adam Cheeney with New Hampshire Fish and Game said seagulls are protected under federal law, hence the fine.

Moral of this story, just eat your burger at a picnic bench away from the beach.


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