Even though the show premiered its final episode, Breaking Bad seems to be sticking around. The show that is turning into a classic and highly obsessed over series, if you don't know, is about making and selling meth. This one fan decided to practice this in his own life and got caught. 

Daniel Kowalski of LaGrange, Illinois was recently charged with felony offenses after authorities found equipment for making meth in his home.

Cook County Sheriff's Office : February 26, 2014
Cook County Sheriff's Office : February 26, 2014

The best part? He was wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos shirt while taking his booking photo. What is Los Pollos Hermanos? It just happens to be a fake restaurant owned by a character in the meth making series, Breaking Bad.

But, it doesn't seem that Kowalski got the idea of making meth from the television show. Turns out, this is his second time to be in trouble with the police for meth. He was electronically monitored this past July for the suspicion of producing meth.

Well, I guess not everyone can be so smart. At least we know what show Kowalski will miss while he is locked up.

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