A driver has been arrested in connection with deadly conduct for pointing a gun at a woman in a road rage incident last Friday on I-35 in Dallas.  From Fox News 4, Dallas Police were able to identify 49-year-old Joseph Sida after the video went viral.

Officials contacted Sida who came in on his own will for questioning before he was released. On Tuesday, he was arrested though he claimed it was in self-defense. He claimed he saw something in the other person’s hands and he thought it was a weapon.  He was booked on $1,000 bond and his job is currently under review.


Scott Oslon, Getty Images
Scott Oslon, Getty Images

Victoria Best was on her way to work when she experienced something out of the ordinary of her regular commute.  According to Chron Victoria posted pictures and video of an unidentified motorist pointing a gun at her.

Victoria posted on her Facebook account:

This happened to me on my way to work, when I realized that my life was in danger I broke down in front of my coworkers.  I’m posting this just to let everybody know that any day could be your last and also to warn everyone to be aware of your surroundings.  I am truly blessed to be alive today.

Her Facebook post gained over 1.6 million views and shared over 67,000 times.  Authorities are investigating the incident and are asking the public if they have any information to call the Lancaster Police at 972-218-2700.


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