One of Tyler's most quaint restaurants that's usually closed on Sundays will host a special Mother's Day brunch on May 9th.  Don't miss it!  Oh, and Moms, apparently the kids think you are cooler than ever.

When a birthday or anniversary rolls around and you ask the guest of honor what they want for a gift and they say, "nothing," that's usually code for "I've dropped enough hints already that you should probably be able to figure it out, and it's kind of expensive."  But on Mother's Day, mom might really mean she wants nothing!  "Nothing" covers so many things:  uninterrupted quiet time, a moment on the couch with control of the remote, and a coveted bubble bath with a glass of wine and Alexa nearby.  Nothing is better than something sometimes.

Before a relaxing afternoon on the couch or in the bathtub on Mother's Day, Mom needs brunch, and one cozy Tyler spot is offering a memorable outing.  Villa Montez plans to host a Mother's Day Brunch on Sunday, May 9th, and reservations are encouraged.  Moms, it's an opportunity to dress up and make it a memorable event before changing into athleisure and vegging out the rest of the day.  You'll be in a happy ceviche and chimichanga coma, and you won't have any dishes to clean up.

Click HERE to browse the regular menu, and check back for the special Mother's Day Brunch offerings.  Villa Montez is usually closed on Sundays, but they'll open up on May 9th to honor moms.

Oh, and more people than ever think their moms are especially awesome.  Seven out of ten people agree that their moms are "cool," and most of that has to do with having good communication skills and knowing when to relax the rules, according to a new survey.  Moms are the original influencers, right?  Mother's Day is always a great opportunity to say thanks, and it starts with brunch.

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