Most of us have those "friends" on Facebook.

You're casually scrolling through your timeline, looking at pictures of cats and your cousin's birthday party when suddenly....BAM!  Racist rant from some former co-worker you never really liked in the first place.

You might just ignore it or maybe you finally "unfriend" this person...or maybe you screenshot the tirade, buy a billboard in that person's neighborhood and publicly shame them for all to see.

That's exactly what's happening in Brazil right now.

A new campaign is plastering billboards with users' racist Facebook comments.  The point being, according to organizers, to educate people that their words have a real impact.  The movement, "Virtual Racism, Real Consequences," is utilizing the location tag from Facebook posts to discover where the users live.

Then, the group is buying billboard space in their neighborhoods to highlight the offender's post. They are, however, blurring out the names and photos of the commentators.

"We omit names and faces of the authors because we have no intention of exposing anyone. We just want to educate people so that in future they think about the consequences before posting racist comments," the project says.


Of course, the campaign does spark a debate about the importance of free speech and privacy. Then again, if you're going to air dirty laundry such as this in a public forum, you might anticipate some backlash.

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