"It's a slippery slope to the bitter end," a Huntsville, AR man told the local newspaper. "We'll end up like them people," he said.

The man was referring to Fayetteville, Arkansas, about 28 miles up the road. The big city.

Madison County, population 15,717, is getting its very first stop light installed and it's a hot button issue.

"These people down here still want the small-town setting," said Sheriff David White. "It's almost a Mayberryish idea, a place that time forgot. They don't want red lights."

The mayor, however, is dismissive.

"We've got some people in town who don't like Christmas, hate Easter and can't stand weekends," Darrell Trahan said. "No matter what you do, there's going to be somebody mad about it."

Work to install the stop light will begin later this month. It's going to cost the town about $150,000 and that's a big sticking point for many residents.

"If you were to ask most people here, they don't like the idea," says Jim Helper, the assistant manager of the local lumber company. "I believe the money could be spent better elsewhere."

Nevertheless, construction of the stoplight is going forward. It seems that there is no stopping progress...not even in Huntsville.

Mayor Trahan is proud of the move.

"We're ready to move on into the 21st century," he says of his Ozark mountain home. "We're ready to bring some industry into this area."

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