One Texas woman says Time Warner Cable harassed her with more than 150 robocalls. She sued. And she won. How big is the payday?

A judge tripled the usual fine for legally harassing, automated phone calls, and in the end Time Warner Cable has been ordered to pay just shy of $300,000 to Araceli King of Irving.

How many of us just yell at the phone and hang up and forget about it? Araceli King didn't forget and didn't let it go, and took it all the way to court, and it paid off.

You go girl. Go shopping for some new flat screens, and kick back and really enjoy your cable TV.

What can the rest of us do?

Here are the robocall rules:

  • Being on the National Do Not Call Registry stops calls on landlines and cell phones.
  • Being a customer does not allow a company to robocall you.
  • Companies are allowed one wrong number call.
  • Tell the company's customer service representatives that you don't consent to being called, and keep a record.
  • Complain to the FCC by calling 1-888-225-5322.