Is your favorite Dallas, TX retailer safe? You can blame it on COVID, you can blame it on the boom in online shopping, but the truth is that it's all related.

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Sure, online shopping picked up a ton of steam due to the pandemic, but shopping the cyber highway is a road we were already heading down. It's just so much cheaper for retailers not to operate brick-and-mortar stores.

And thanks to the nice shove into online shopping we all got in '20, folks got much more comfortable with it much faster than anyone anticipated.

Earlier this month we learned that Bank of America was shutting down banks across the U.S., and massive retailers including Bed Bath and Beyond, Foot Locker, and CVS have shuttered more of their storefronts too.

“As we prepare to deploy a new strategy to meet the needs of an everchanging consumer and marketplace, we made the difficult decision to reduce our workforce by 3.5% to become a more streamlined company,” a Macy’s spokesperson told CNN.

We can add popular retailer Macy's to the list. To date, Macy's has closed over 300 locations across the country and according to a recent report, the corporation is looking to lay off more employees and close even more locations across the country.  Next up are stores in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Virginia:

Macy's Next Store Closings:

  • San Leandro, California
  • Simi Valley, California
  • Lihue, Hawaii
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Arlington, Virginia

Macy's is an iconic American retailer that's been a part of our culture since the 1800s, but that's the way business goes, you've got to adapt. There are 37 Macy's locations scattered across Texas and to date, none have been put on the chopping block.

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