When logical thought is applied, it's easy to understand that the odds of winning a big lottery jackpot are astronomically against us.  However, when emotions come into play, the concept of grabbing such a big payday can be extremely difficult to resist.  Now comes news about someone in San Antonio holding a winning Lotto Texas ticket worth $27.25-million.  That's enough to make the "wishful thinking gene" go into overdrive, especially knowing tonight's top prize in the national Mega Millions drawing is up to $162-million ($98-million if you take the single-payment cash option)! 

So much attention is paid to Mega Millions & Powerball (top prize in tomorrow night's drawing is $50-million), it's easy to forget how much is at stake in just the Texas drawings alone.  Big winners in some of the Lone Star State scratch off games can even pocket more than a million.  I always laugh when people say, "I'll buy a ticket when the jackpot's real high."  So, you wouldn't take "just" one-million???  I'd be happy to take it off your hands!!!

If you do feel the need to "justify" playing the lottery, use the rationale that your lottery expenses are helping various "good causes" that benefit from lottery proceeds.  Or just follow your heart & head for the nearest ticket outlet before tonight's 9 o'clock Mega Millions cutoff.  I'll be right behind you in line!

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