Longview's 150th birthday is coming up in 2020, and they may celebrate with a "Walk of Stars."  Longview High School graduate and Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey could be one of those honored.

At a meeting Thursday, June 13, city leaders in Longview will talk about possibly creating a "Walk of Stars" to honor some of the people that have made major contributions over the past 150 years locally, nationally and even globally.  They'll talk about who should be honored, how the display should be incorporated, and where it should be.

They could end up taking out some of the pavers that are currently nestled into the streets in Downtown Longview, and there are about 300 of those right now.  If they remove some, it would be to put in the new plaques.  It's all in the idea phase right now and nothing has been finalized.

The goal, of course, is to honor the history and celebrate all of the ways that people in Longview have had an impact not only on East Texas but worldwide.  Actor and director Forest Whitaker, singer Miranda Lambert, and Major League Baseball player Chris Davis, and comedian Rodney Carrington were all born in Longview.  There's plenty for Longview to be proud of.  Not to mention the Hot Dog Express.

Longview was founded in 1870, and they'll start celebrating the sesquicentennial in the spring of 2020.  Congrats, Longview!  We'll be watching for the party invites.

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