Living in East Texas we are pretty lucky with all of the delicious restaurants we have around us. We have everything from seafood to Mexican food and lots of fantastic barbecue to chow down on. And there is one barbecue restaurant in Tyler, Texas that serves up something that has everyone talking and it’s the loaded tater tots at Local BBQ. 

YouTube via EverythingEastTexas
YouTube via EverythingEastTexas

When I first hear about Local BBQ from a friend, I was excited to try them but automatically I thought it would be difficult to create better barbecue than Stanley’s or Country Tavern in Kilgore. We are talking about some of the best barbecue in the world in our own backyard, and while Local BBQ does a great job themselves it’s their creative menu items that get people talking. 

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You Have to Try Their Loaded Tots 

Most people aren’t going to a barbecue restaurant to try out their loaded tater tots, but these aren’t just any tots. They taste like you’re eating a perfectly portioned baked potato in every bite. They came in a basket of 5 and the last time I stopped by with my wife and brother we ended up ordering two baskets, they really are that good. 

Remember to Support Local 

The whole reason I wanted to write about this is because I know people love to talk about food. Plus, this is a local restaurant with employees working hard to make money for their families and we should do whatever possible to support them.  

What other food items do you love at local restaurants in East Texas?  

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