It’s amazing all the things you can find on the internet, so many facts that you never learned before. Obviously, you need to be careful about checking your sources to make sure they can be trusted. But recently I was lucky enough to be send a list of facts about the great state of Texas and after checking these it was fun to learn about which is why I wanted to share the facts with you.  

The facts that I have for you that can be seen below were sent my way by my mother-in-law. But they were originally posted by Texas politician Sid Miller. I’m not one of those people that wants to act like I knew all of these facts, I just found them informative and fascinating, so I wanted to pass them along to you.  

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You’re Going to Learn Something 

As you look through the list of little-known facts that are listed below, I’m sure you’re going to find some that you already knew before but there is a good chance there is a fact listed below that you didn’t know about before now. But as you read through the facts, I’m sure you’re going to love Texas even more. 

Let’s Look at the Facts About Texas 

There is so much to love about the great state of Texas, including quite a few facts that you probably didn’t know about before looking at the list below. Let’s look at a list of little-known facts about the lone star state. 

Interesting Facts About the Great State of Texas

Here is a look at some little-known facts about the state of Texas.

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