Mayor Bloomberg likes his beer cold -- really cold. Standing inside the just-expanded Brooklyn Brewery Monday, the mayor revealed that his unorthodox approach to drinking beer requires ice. As in, ice dropped into his beer.( I had to google it -- Bloomberg is the Mayor of New York, City)-- more after the jump.

Hearing a gasp from the crowd, he explained: "I know. I've always done it."

Brooklyn Brewery's president was too polite to set the mayor straight on the correct way to savor his popular suds. But Julie Johnson, editor of All About Beer magazine, was more than willing to offer Bloomberg some drinking tips. "Never" add ice to beer, she declared, "if you want to respect the efforts the brewers put into the beer." Johnson said craft beers and ales, such as Brooklyn's, are meant to be served at "cellar temperatures" of 50 to 55 degrees and not ice cold, much less watered down. Even a frozen mug would be off limits, she added, since "you don't want to chill it into a tasteless mess." (I have NEVER once pulled out a thermometer to check the temperature of my beer, have you?)

From various beer sources, the right way to drink beer:

To appreciate the flavor in full, you should first drink half the glass, and than sip the remainder, taking your time.

Make sure that you do not overcool beer under any circumstances, as it will lose a great deal of its taste and may become clouded. (So clouded beer tastes better than unclouded beer?)

Beer mustn't be rapidly cooled (for instance, by putting bottles into a freezer) or heated.

Never expose beer to sunlight: it ruins beer.  (Must not waste B-E-E-R)

Don't put beer bottles on their sides: beer bottles must be stored upright to prevent the beer from touching the caps.

It turns out that dark and strong beers go down best to high-pitched music, whereas pale beers are best matched with low-pitched music.  (Ok... this is REALLY getting serious if we have to match our beer with our music)

Beer, particularly beer in a keg, should be drunk from glasses or mugs made of natural materials such as wood, porcelain, glass, or ceramics. In contrast to plastic and metal receptacles, they do not ruin the beer's taste with foreign flavors.

Beer shouldn't be drunk from a bottle either, as with this mode of consumption the beer fails to impact all the taste sensors of the tongue and some flavors get lost. (A lot of the places I have had beer -- its safer to drink if from the bottle -- less chance of getting sick from someone's poor hygiene)

Pale beer should be drunk early in the day; heavier and darker beer should be left till evening. (Beer is beer.. come on can really tell these "rules" come from New York City)

Contrary to frat house rules, head is important on a beer. Pour your beer straight into the glass, leaving the bottom 1/4 inch of beer in the bottle. When you pour, do it from high above the glass to get maximum head. But, it should be a steady stream with minimal gurgling inside the bottle.

Well, ok -- now that I have thrilled you with this seemingly useless information you are 'beer-educated' and can raise your pinkie as you take a swig.