Linkin Park have reached a milestone that many bands can only dream about in the current music scene. Billboard reports that the group’s debut disc, ‘Hybrid Theory,’ has reached 10 million in sales.

The group’s introductory effort was released in 2000 and sold an additional 3,000 copies this past week to bring its total to just over 10 million in sales. That makes ‘Hybrid Theory’ the 20th album to reach the accomplishment since the SoundScan era began tracking sales in 1991. The album previously reached diamond status for 10 million units shipped, but has now officially surpassed that figure in sales.

Interestingly enough, ‘Hybrid Theory’ never reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Album chart. The disc stalled at No. 2 in January 2002. However, the disc did end up as the top-selling album of 2001. The group made up for missing the mark by following with five chart-toppers, including this year’s ‘Living Things‘ disc.

Though they were relatively unknown prior to the release of ‘Hybrid Theory,’ everyone was aware of Linkin Park after they strung together successive singles, ‘One Step Closer,’ ‘Crawling,’ ‘Papercut,’ and ‘In the End’ off the album. It was the latter song, ‘In the End,’ which enjoyed the greatest success, topping the Modern Rock Chart, and peaking at No. 2 on the Mainstream Rock Chart

Since 1991, Metallica‘s self-titled ‘Black’ album has sold the most copies, with 15.8 million discs moved.

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