Remember the TV show "Home Improvement"? When I saw this on Facebook I immediately thought about that show watching these two guys caught on surveillance making off with some items at a local store.

Once again we take you to the Lindale, Texas Lowe's location, which seems to be a hot bed for "construction" shop lifters, where police are searching for information about two thieves who made off with some stuff that they either plan on selling or its for their next "improvement" project.

According to a post on their Facebook page, last Friday the males entered Lowes and allegedly stole electric wire. One of the "Tool Time" dudes loaded up a big cart and made their way to the aisle.

Lindale PD

While his accomplice made sure he picked up everything they need before reaching the counter to make their play.

Lindale PD

One last security captures the main culprit as he makes his way to the exit to do whatever it is they're going to with their ill gotten gains.

Lindale PD


Anyone who can identify the males in these photos please call Sergeant Carlos Flores (903) 882-3313 or email By the way, if someone comes to offering up "cheap" electrical wire for sale, just take this article under consideration. I'm just saying.

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