As we get closer and closer to the holidays, one thing we are likely going to see more of is folks getting desperate and committing wild crimes to get their hands on money. Lindale Police are searching for a colorful couple of thieves who made off with cash from a local hotel.

According to a post to the Lindale Police Facebook page, the couple in the photos below allegedly committed burglary of a building at a hotel that wasn't mentioned.

As we always do at this time, let's go to the play by play and breakdown of how the crime was committed by this rainbow colored Bonnie & Clyde.

Lindale Facebook

First we see both of the suspects making their entry into the hotel. The male hair color is blonde-orangish-greenish while the female suspect has a big long blonde "do" which looks to be a wig. She's seen casually strolling into lobby with a cup of coffee and flip flops.

Lindale Police Facebook

Upon entering the hotel lobby the male suspects sees his chance and hops over the unattended front desk.

Lindale Police Facebook

He then proceeds to dig through the register looking for cash.

Lindale Police Facebook

He ends up cuffing a few dollars from the register while also checking for anyone who maybe coming.

Lindale Police Facebook

This is when the female strolls in and hangs out by the front desk as the lookout.

Lindale Police Facebook

The colorful criminals made off with the cash and Lindale Police would like a word with them. Anyone with information please contact Sergeant Carlos Flores, 903-882-3313 or email to help get these folks off the street!

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