Just when you think that all kids sit inside staring at video games all day or playing on their phones, you hear a story like this hard working kid out of Lindale that will put a big smile on your face. I was scrolling through social media and I saw a mom posting about her kid selling lemonade and chocolate to raise money for a fun project he is working on. This wasn't a post asking for money or asking others to help out with a GoFundMe. This was about a 7-year-old working hard to get the money he needs to build a BMX track next to his hours in Lindale.

After seeing the post online I had to reach out to the kids mom, Marissa Higginbotham who said her two sons love riding bikes but the closest track to their house is Faulkner Park in Tyler. That is too far away from home to hit the jumps as much as 7-year-old Ethan and 3-year-old (daredevil) Koltin want to. So they are going to be spending each Sunday.

Where Is Ethan's Lemonade and Chocolate Stand to Raise Money for the BMX Track?

You can find Ethan at 14357 CR 452 in Lindale on Sundays between 1pm-5pm. And his mom says he is going to continue setting up his stand each Sunday until Ethan hits his goal of $225 for the dump truck load of dirt that he needs to put the track together. I'm just impressed by his work ethic.

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How Can You Help Ethan Hit His Goal So He Can Build His BMX Track?

Just stop by this Sunday and by some drinks and candy, that will help move Ethan in the right direction. He is accepting cash or Venmo payments, his mom created a Venmo and promises all donations will go toward the BMX track.


When I was a kid I loved bike jumps, hopefully Ethan hits his goal soon so him and his brother can have a whole bunch of fun.

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