There are very severe consequences when you mess with someone’s family, especially if you’re an older man trying to pray on little girls in the state of Texas. That was the scary situation that one Liberty City, Texas mom was dealing with recently and she handled the situation perfectly. 

According to KHOU, Brandi Kelley noticed that her daughter was receiving messages online, her daughter is only 15 years old. While teenagers messaging online is very normal there were a set of messages that were coming from a 34-year-old man identified as Justin Lacy. Brandi quickly took action and started messaging Justin back pretending to be her underage daughter. 

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He Told Her That She Was Cute 

In messages Justin would complement the young girl, even though Brandi made it very clear that Justin was twice her age in messages. But throughout the messages Justin would ask if she was “into older guys”?  

The Meet Up Was Set 

After a variety of messages eventually a meet up was set, and Justin showed up at the house and Brandi met him outside. At that time, he left, but was later arrested by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office with online solicitation of a minor which is a third-degree felony.  

Law enforcement and Brandi both credit the 15-year-old daughter who initially reported the messages. Police are now asking anyone else who has had contact with Justin Lacy to come forward at this time. Lacy has since been released on a $50,000 bond.  

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