LeBron James has a lot of money, and one of the things he does with it is shower his teammates with gifts.

So far this season he's given them Beats Pills, hoodies, watches, sneakers, and who knows what else. Did you hear what he gave teammates before the NBA Finals?

He gave them Apple Watches and haircuts. They do look good, and they're never late for the games.

How great for the owners, to have a guy like LeBron on the team -- for many reasons. With LeBron spoiling the guys on the team the owners don't have to do it, and the payers will be convinced they should stick around next year and continue to work on building a dynasty in good ole Cleveland.

Are you cheering for the Cavs to win the NBA Finals? Lots of people cheered against the Heat when LeBron played for them, maybe because they were just too good, but it seems like those same people are hoping the Cavs win it all this time.

And by "people" in this case I mean me. Spoil those fellow Cavs LeBron, and win this thing.

Then celebrate in Cleveland with a big parade and throw Apple Watches off the float, and line folks up for a buzz cut.

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