The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted everyone's life. As much as we wish life would get back to normal the truth is we are all facing unique challenges, our jobs, our finances, our routines, and even our most important relationships are facing serious challenges.

We heard about China seeing a spike in divorce rates after they were put on strict lockdown. Maybe we thought that American marriages were safe and we would no doubt conquer the pandemic and come out stronger than ever. The truth is, for many, the pandemic has succeeded in wrecking marriages, it's like Miley Cyrus came in on a wrecking ball wrecking every other marriage.

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Family Law Attorney Valerie H. Tocci explained to Business Insider "There are a variety of factors that can cause couples to break up, such as the age at which they were married or incompatibility that's been amplified during the lockdown." She also added that many in the legal circle are anticipating a large increase in filings for divorce once the pandemic ends.

According to, you're more likely to come back from a  vacation and ask for a divorce.  They went on to explain that divorce is seasonal. Normally vacations may heighten underlying tensions and conflict for couples that they have ignored. Now that some couples have spent more time alone together they are being forced to acknowledge issues that they were able to ignore in the past by going to work, socializing with friends or family, and simply following their routines. Tensions are at an all-time high, and there's nowhere to go. So what now? Divorce.

A study from the University of Washington proved that most divorces are filed after the holidays in January because couples have spent long periods of time together and have decided to move on. Could January be replaced as "Divorce Month"?

If you think you're not married so you don't have to worry, think again. Many couples who don't live together may be considering time apart and in some cases, many are or re-evaluating their wedding plans which in many cases will lead to a breakup.

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