Talk about scary! Last Thursday it was just that for a Lake Charles resident who was outside in his driveway when he got an unexpected surprise.

Mike Soileau
Mike Soileau

A Lake Charles man was out in his driveway about to get into his truck with his daughter when a distracted driver missed the curve in the road and drove straight into the man's yard and into his driveway. What happened next will make your heart skip a beat.

Once the car entered the man's yard, it headed straight for him. Luckily for the Lake Charles homeowner, he heard a screech of the tires just in time to turn around to see the car coming right at him. The man took action by trying to jump out of the way but it was too late.

He was struck by the vehicle and landed on the hood before rolling off and onto the ground. Not only did the distracted driver hit the man, but he also hit the back tailgate of the man's truck that was in the driveway.

The Lake Charles homeowner had a garage camera that caught the following footage of the terrifying incident.

In the video, the driver of the car gets out to check on the man but pay close attention to what is blaring on his radio. He was listening to a self-help book and when he opens the door, you can here the narrator saying, "You're impeccable. You take responsibility for your actions."

Wow, now if that ain't the truth in this situation. Fortunately, it seems as of right now the man hit by the vehicle only suffered a torn muscle or ligament in his ankle area.

As for the driver, the car he was driving was a rental and his license was suspended. How the heck did he rent a car with a suspended license? That is one for the police to figure out.

Finally, this hits home for us, as the man struck also happens to be my wife's cousin. He is resting and trying to recover.

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