Well, at least take one foul up from a lady who just obviously doesn't get that keeping your mouth shut about the bad things you get away with pays! A Denver woman was sentenced to jail for faking PTSD to get out of the dreaded jury duty. So in this story today, please take a lesson about how to keep your mouth shut when you do stupid things.

Denver resident Susan Cole came to jury duty all dressed to make the court wonder if she should stand in the jury first off by wearing an outlandish style of clownery. She reportedly said she was nixed from the military because of a violence charge and a few other excuses which happened to get her of of jury duty. She also said she had post-tramatic stress disorder.

Here is where things go wrong. Susan was snagged by calling in to a radio show and bragging about how she faked them out. The police found out about this of course and now she has since pleaded guilty after her arrest to a judgement of two years probation and public service hours.

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