The city of Kyle, Texas tried once again to make it into the World Record books but yet again the event ended in disappointment. It’s always a little sad when you have so many people working to accomplish a goal but that is life sometimes, you just come up short. If you hadn’t heard, the city of Kyle, Texas was attempting to break the world record hosting the “Gathering of the Kyles” welcoming anyone with the name that all had to be spelled the same way. The city ended up with around 1,800 Kyle’s but that wasn’t enough to break the world record. 

The actual record is held from an event that took place on July 30th, 2017. It wasn’t the name Kyle, but in Bosnia and Herzegovina there was an event that brough together 2,325 people with the name Ivan. That record is still in place as the biggest event with all participants having the same name.  

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People Traveled From All Over the Country 

According to KXAN, there were Kyle’s from all over the country including California, Oregon, Hawaii and outside of the country coming from Canada. It’s fun to think that so many people from all over the country would try to come together for an event like this, the only thing that would have made the event better is if there were enough Kyle’s to break the record. 

It’s the Kyle Fair A Tex-Travaganza 

Beyond just meeting a ton of people with the same name the city of Kyle, Texas put on quite the event. There was live music, festival rides and concessions for everyone in attendance. This was actually the 4th time this attempt has been made, hopefully next year there will be over 2,326 Kyle’s in attendance. 

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