Yeah, we've been trying to warn you that OUR APP might be the only one on your phone that is a link away from putting cash in yo pocket. It works. The proverbial, "Just ask Jimmy", follows that statement after this real live Classic Rock 96.1 lifelong listener followed directions and now awaits his opportunity to spend that cash. He was preparing for his rural mail route to begin at the Lindale post office when we got him on the phone last week. We of course have to ask him numerous questions before actually telling him the nature of the call. After assuring me he had plenty of time to answer a few "preliminary" questions, we were able to finally tell him he was NOT part of an information survey on listeners contest habits, he was already indeed a winner of $1000 in Workday Payday money. 


Simmons admitted at that time he had won several prizes in the past with Classic Rock 96.1, but after some research, he had not won a prize this large ever. He even mentioned winning "basketball tickets before" which we have no one in the building that can remember back that far. This could be you this week so make some appointment listening notes for 9:15, 1:15, and 3:15 to get your win-cash code words, open up the app, push Workday Payday, enter the word and "Get On It"!

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