I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we don’t deserve dogs, their loyalty and unconditional love is amazing. But as we also know dogs can be very intelligent and when trained properly can become fantastic at specific tasks such as sniffing out drugs for law enforcement. We often post about law enforcement in an attempt to help them with cases here in East Texas but this is all about how Kilgore, Texas K-9 officer is a tremendous helper beyond just sniffing out drugs. 

Now don’t get me wrong, K-9 officer Drogon is very good at sniffing out drugs, he seems to have a record of finding methamphetamine. But after seeing a post online made by the Kilgore Police Department he assisted a Kilgore resident after they made a simple mistake while at a park. 

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More Details on the Mistake and How Kilgore K-9 Drogon Helped Out 

Kilgore Officer Taylor was patrolling around Kilgore when he was waved down by a stranded citizen. Unfortunately, they lost their car key after taking a walk at the park between Horseshoe Drive and the trail along Willow Springs. Well, thanks to the amazing scent tracing skills of K-9 Drogon this story has a happy ending. 

It Didn’t Take Long for K-9 Drogon 

The keys were found in just a matter of minutes and as you would expect the stranded citizen was beyond appreciative of the Kilgore officers coming to the rescue. So often you hear about police officers busting bad guys but they are often there to save the day, even when it’s just something minor like losing your keys. While you shouldn’t call 911 if you lose your keys, it’s really awesome that K-9 Drogon was in the right place at the right time to help this citizen. Way to go Officer Taylor and K-9 Drogon! 

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