Johnny Manziel hasn't started a game yet for the Cleveland Browns yet this season, but he had the number one-selling jersey in the NFL for a time, and he's got a girlfriend that's garnering some attention.  Even if he never takes a snap, it's still a good season!

Johnny Football's girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, posted a photo on Instagram over the weekend, hanging out with other Browns fans before the Steelers' game.  There was some speculation about whether she was Manziel's girlfriend or not, but the t-shirt proves it.  Oh, and she's flashing that infamous hand gesture of Johnny's.  How about that Hook 'em Horns sign in the background?!  Nice photobomb.

Colleen Crowley is a TCU student and budding model.  Her sister Robyn dates NBA star Chandler Parsons, according to Larry Brown

If Johnny gets into a game you know the cameras will be panning for Colleen.  And it doesn't seem that she'll mind.

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