No matter the time of year, the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson is good for a hauntingly overnight stay. You could very easily run into a message on a steamy mirror or hear voices or screams in the hallway. One particular ghost decided to be a little less spooky and just wanted to have some fun picking on a couple of workers at the hotel.

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A worker from the Jefferson Hotel posted on the hotel's YouTube channel with another instance of a haunting, this time in the kitchen area. This story isn't necessarily scary but more of a ghost just wanting to have a good time. Ghosts don't always have to be dark and scary, right?

He starts the video talking about some shelving that has various pieces of kitchen equipment stored on it. One piece of that equipment was laying on the floor next to the shelving unit. This piece of equipment was sitting on the top shelf and suddenly was flipped in the air and landed on the floor. We then get to see security camera footage of this happening.

We see the man's wife walk in right after the piece of equipment hits the floor. She stops as she enters the door. She stopped because she felt a "heavy presence" then turned around and walked out.

This ghost wasn't done after this, however. As the worker was showing the security camera footage of the rack being flipped onto the floor to his wife, he felt something on his arm and then his shirt sleeve is pulled then released. Security camera footage shows this happening.

I believe this particular ghost wasn't intending on causing any harm, it just wanted to play for a moment with the workers that we were there.

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