As election season starts to heat up, one store in Bandera, Texas is making sure that supporters of former president Donald Trump get their sought after merchandise.

The Trump Store in Bandera, Texas, is a retail outlet dedicated to merchandise related to former President Donald Trump.

The store, located on a strip mall off of Hwy 16 S., sells a variety of Trump-themed products, including apparel, hats, flags, bumper stickers, and other memorabilia supporting Trump's political campaigns and presidency.

The Trump Store stands out as a specialty shop for Trump supporters in the area. It has attracted attention both from locals and visitors, becoming a notable point of interest for those looking to purchase pro-Trump merchandise.

And business is booming! According to store owner Wyatt Forster, this is actually his second Trump store, his first opened in Tombstone, Arizona.

Forster told the Bandera Bulletin he gets patrons from all over the world noting to the publication that he's had visitors from Australia, Austria, Canada and all over the United States, noting 80 percent of his patrons are visitors to Bandera. And while he may get a few unsupportive visitors, he notes that most of his interactions with visitors are positive and is very optimistic for the future.

The store is part of a broader trend of Trump-themed shops that have appeared across the United States, reflecting the continued support and enthusiasm of his base. These stores often serve as community hubs for like-minded individuals and can be seen as a symbol of the broader political and cultural influence of Trump in certain regions. You can check out more on their Facebook page.

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