Austin, Texas has a massive amount of eateries with more opening every day as the population of Central Texas continues to swell.

Restaurants are a great employment source for people looking for flexible schedules and if you work in a front of house capacity, you can often expect to take home a handful of cash after every shift.

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Recently, one restaurant chain in Austin had a complaint filed with the United States Department of Labor, and has been accused of stealing tip money from their employees.

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Popular Texas Chain Now Facing Potential Tip Theft Lawsuit

According to this article with KXAN, a representative for Easy Tiger restaurants,

"The tip pool at one location mistakenly included ineligible back-of-house staff."

The representative went on to say that the previous mistake has been corrected, and they are conducting an internal review to determine if any other action needs to be taken.

By already admitting fault and a mistake being made will go a long way towards the employee or employees who were shorted their tip money being recovered from the restaurant. If the money is not returnedt, the Department of Labor would be forced to file a lawsuit, and potentially stiff penalties could be levied against the business.

Even if a restaurant pays the state minimum wage, they can never take possession of the tip money earned by a server or bartender.

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