We all have our favorite book don't we? For me personally, it's "The Great Gatsby." Some may agree with that choice, others may simply disagree.

The point is, reading is a universal joy many get to experience. When the temperatures are just right, and the sun is setting...turning on a light inside and reading any book is almost too perfect. But with so many books to choose from, is there a perfect literary novel for the situation?

For some in Texas, finding the right novel has been a bit of a difficult situation as of late. Why you ask? Certain individuals has poised challenges to various novels, landing Texas on a list, higher than some expect.

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Texas Book Bans And The National Ranking

Thanks to data collected from the American Library Association, we're able to see, across the nation, how many times a book received complaints, or challenged as ALA states. So let's look at the overall data shall we?

The map reveals that in the Lone Star State, there were 93 calls for certain books to be censored or removed from certain areas. In total, 2,349 novels faced removal pressure. But how did that overall rank in the United States?

For some Texans, the ranking might be embarrassing. The Lone Star State landed at number one in the nation for book bans. The most requested book facing demands for removal was "The Bluest Eye."

What will the data for this year reveal? Time will tell.

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