Texas has seen a slew of hurricanes impact the state over the years, but what were some of the hard-hitters?

BKV Energy found the largest hurricanes that landed in Texas since 1900. To make it even better, this list is only the REALLY big ones: category 3 and 4 hurricanes.

Category 3 hurricanes

The past 4 category 3 hurricanes that graced the great state of Texas began with Hurricane Allen in 1980. This devastation began in Africa and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to hit the Gulf of Mexico, eventually crossing through Brownsville, TX.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

The next category 3 hurricane hitting Texas occurred just a few years later in 1983 impacting Galveston. This was closely followed by Hurricane Bret in 1999 near Padre Island.

The most recent category 3 hurricane in Texas happened to be Hurricane Rita in '05. Rita took form in the Bahamas before traveling to the Texas/Louisiana border. This hurricane actually took the title of strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Gulf of Mexico.

Category 4 hurricanes

Oh boy... These are just one step away from full-fledged category 5 run-for-the-hills hurricanes.

In Texas, we haven't seen too many of these guys in recent years. We had Hurricane Carla in 1961, followed by Hurricane Celia in 1970, but the most recent was the the big bad Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Houston Area Continues Recovery Efforts From Catastrophic Hurricane Harvey Damage
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Harvey began as a tropical wave off the coast of Africa before, just 4 days later, becoming a tropical storm in the Caribbean Sea. This hurricane also saw a death toll of 68, and over $125 billion in property damages.

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