I'm pretty sure the sheer number of speeding tickets I received as a teenager has given me some kind of PTSD. I am absolutely terrified to get pulled over for speeding. I cannot stand riding with anyone that speeds even just a little bit, and my friends and family all call me a "granny" when it comes to my driving. I might be the worst backseat driver ever, and I just don't care. When you've paid as many tickets as I have, alongside getting yelled at by your parents over and over again for being a dumbass, it has a lasting effect on you.

I've heard countless rumors that you can actually get away with going 5 miles per hour over the limit without getting into any trouble with the police, but I'm skeptical. Let's solve this debate once and for all.

What does Texas Law actually have to say about it? Can you really go 5mph over the speed limit without getting a ticket?

The short answer is 'no'. You can't even go 1mph over the speed limit without being subject to a speeding ticket. It doesn't matter if you are passing someone, or if you're just going a couple of miles over on a highway in the middle of nowhere. You can still be pulled over and ticketed for driving any amount over the speed limit.

Oh, and to all of the people that say you should "stick with the flow of traffic, even if they are speeding", you guys are big-time wrong, and spreading that common misconception only makes everyone on the road drive even faster and more dangerously.

There is absolutely no grace for drivers in Texas. If you haven't been pulled over for barely speeding, it's because cops are being nice to you and might have something more pressing to attend to. Just remember, they don't have to be nice. Slow down and avoid accidents and fines.

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