When I was looking at homes in Texas I saw this stunning property in Edinburg, TX and while I wasn't exactly sure where that was the photos made me want the home no matter the location. After using Google Maps to find out where Edinburg is, it's located just 17 minutes from the US-Mexico border. I'm sure Edinburg is probably not where most people dream about buying their dream home, but when you see the pictures of this place you will fall in love.

The very first photo I saw of this place it looked as if it was set up for royalty or like a resort you would expect at a beach town. The address for this amazing place is 13105 N Ware Road, Edinburg, TX 78541. This place hasn't been listed for sale very long, it will be interesting to see how quickly the $3.1 million dollar home is purchased.

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Details About the 3 Million Dollar Home in Edinburg, Texas

This beautiful home was built in 2015, comes with 5 bedrooms and 5 1/2 bathrooms. The home itself totals 8,900 square feet and the lot is 1.82 acres. So, whoever buys this property will get a big home and a decent amount of land too. This place also offers an office and personal gym.

The Edinburg Mansion Comes With a Fantastic Grotto

The pool and grotto is much nicer than many resorts or hotels anywhere in the world. Whoever first created this outdoor area made it look gorgeous. The master closet looks like something in a celebrities home. The photos will blow your mind check these out!

This Edinburg, TX Home Looks Like a Resort

The pool and grotto are only part of this spectacular property in Edinburg, Texas.

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