Sick happens. And when it does, we're in a great place to deal with it.

Texas is one of the top 6 states in the country for doctors, and here's why.

Wallethub considered wages, the number of doctors around and if there's competition, and the number of established hospitals among other things, to come up with the rankings.

Texas ranks #6 in the country for doctors to start a practice.  Med students usually graduate with about $180,000 in debt.  Yikes!  So they're looking to set up a practice with big promise, which is precisely why more of them might be drawn to Texas to open clinics and join existing practices.  Mississippi is the best state for doctors to start a practice, according to Wallethub.  Choose Texas, docs!  We have the Shiner and good barbecue and big pro sports teams here.

Moms with kids know there can never be too many doctors.  We've got kids with runny noses, fevers, pink eye, infections, and flu-like symptoms quite regularly, so these doctors will have no trouble staying in business.

If ya gotta get sick, Texas is a pretty great place to be!

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