It's hard to believe it's been nearly 18 years since the world lost one of its funniest characters in Chris Farley.

Widely considered one of the best comedians of this generation, the late Farley is being remembered in a new documentary, 'I Am Chris Farley.'

The documentary features iconic clips from Farley's career, childhood footage, interviews and skits he performed, and interviews with actors and comedians who knew him during his short time alive.

From his regular appearances on 'Saturday Night Live,' to films such as 'Tommy Boy' and 'Black Sheep,' Farley was one of the kings of comedy on the silver screen in the 1990s.

Adam Sandler, David Spade, Christina Applegate and Tom Arnold are among the celebrities shown in the trailer who had much to say about their friend, including his rapid rise in show business to his fall into drugs.

Farley died at the age of 33 of a drug overdose on Dec. 18, 1997.

"[His death] comes up in something in my mind every day," Spade said. "And I think it will forever."

The movie debuts in theaters July 31 and will be available for download and on DVD Aug. 11.

Chris Farley on 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien'

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