We could all use some extra cash right now and while lots of folks are looking forward to income tax season, if you play the Texas Lottery, then you need to keep an eye out for a few of these scratch off games because there's still several MILLION dollars out there that haven't been claimed yet.

The Texas Lottery publishes a list of expiring games

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

Every month, the Texas Lottery publishes a list of scratch off games that are about to expire. Some months, some of the top prizes go unclaimed so the Lottery puts out this "alert" to let players know that their chance to hit it big is still a scratch away. Next time you stop by the store to grab your tickets, keep your eyes out for these scratch-offs because the next one you buy could be a big winner!

Texas Lottery Expiring Scratch-Off Games (Jan. 2022)

Your next big payday could be just a scratch away!

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