While I don't pretend to have all the answers about how to nab a beautiful babe, this guy seems to have a pretty good strategy.

Dalton Castle of Albany NYs Q103 Radio was inspired by High Schooler Jake Davidson's recent video proposal to Kate Upton, asking her to go to prom. So inspired that he made his own video for Olivia Wilde with a slightly more...adult request.

Will this work? Who knows, but we think he's got a pretty good chance. Let's break down his strategy:

1. Introduce yourself confidently, and tell her what you are offering her:

"Hello Olivia Wilde, Dalton Castle here, with the opportunity of a lifetime..."

2. Tell her that you noticed her:

"You had me almost immediately..."

3. Be honest:

"I knew I had to IMDB your name, and find out who you were...And then search for topless photos of you."

4. Tell her some things you have in common:

"You're super sexy, I like super sexy girls!"
"You were in a movie with Justin Timberlake? I've seen that movie!"
"You've got crazy cool cat eyes? I have two cats!"

5. Cut to the chase:

"I would be honored if you let me have sex on you."

6. Challenge her to grow:

"I know you're probably not too crazy about the idea, but I didn't think pickles would taste good on a chicken sandwich until I tried it!"

7. Be honest:

"I'll be honest with you, I'm in a pretty serious relationship with my girlfriend right now, but..."

8. Give her time to think:

"Let it ferment in that adorable little head of yours, and then get back to me."

I'll be honest: From a lady's perspective it doesn't exactly hurt his case that he's got huge muscles and is working out while he's talking. Give it a shot though, you never know.

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