On our Hotty vs. Hotty we will do two hot TV and movie women that we all loved at one time or another in our dreams Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar.Both of the women today in our hotty vs. hotty segment are stunners in their own right. I know in the 90s to today they still are stunners. So lets go into some background where you have seen them before.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" we all have seen Sarah Michelle Gellar in movies such as The Grudge and Scream 2. She hails from New York and well deserving of a hotty vote.

Brad Barket, Getty Images

Hotty No. 2 is Jennifer Love Hewitt. She has also starred in movies such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Can't Hardly Wait. From Waco,Texas, and at the age of 34 today she still gets the motor running.

Michael Buckner, Getty Images