It is time again to stop life for a second and smell the terror. This week's Horror Movie Review will be all about Silent Hill: Revelation. Normally sequels aren't worth a single word, but this one deserves a little respect. 

Silent Hill started as one of the world's most terrifying video games. Are you ready to feel old all you gamers out there? Silent Hill the video game has now been out for almost 15 years! For all of those years, it still reigns on top of the horror themed games of all time. So, a couple of geniuses decided to bring this horror to the masses.

Silent Hill


Director Christoph Gans and writer Roger Avary brought the first Silent Hill film out of the shadows of the gaming world and shooting chills right up the film world's shine. Since its 2006 release, this movie has been a personal favorite of mine. I liked the game and LOVED the movie. It has such a great juxtaposition of sexy dead nurses, creepy creatures, beautiful imagery (truly aesthetically pleasing), and plenty of jumping scares. Though not many enjoyed the movie because they were comparing apples to apple pie, I still enjoyed the flick.

So, with this much admiration for the first Silent Hill movie, it pained my heart to hear that I had missed my chance to see the sequel in all of its movie theater glory. I don't really keep up with movie releases very well so, the release date back in 2012 for Silent Hill: Revelation passed me by. This will be something I will have weighing on my conscience for a while. It was a made for 3D movie! How can you see it properly without the 3D glasses?

SIlent Hill: Revelation

I believe this is where my problems with this movie began.

The product of Michael J. Bassett, as he was both writer ad director, is the Canadian-Frnech sequel to the originally survival horror video game. Silent Hill: Revelation had some pretty big shoes to fill with some of us.

Bassett didn't completely ruin the memory of the original film, like most sequels do (ATTN: Dumb and Dumberer). He actually managed to get a lot of the original characters to return to continue this frightful story. Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell, and even Pyramid Head come back into the action. Remember these guys? No? Well, here is a good refresher for you memory and a great introduction to the Revelation movie.

Can you see some of the biggest differences in this Silent Hill sequel from its predecessor? Yeah, I noticed pretty quickly too. I did not like that so much looked different from the story I had fallen for. And, while we are speaking about the looks of the film, I have few more bones to pick.

I know that watching this movie on Netflix instant streaming was not how is was intended to be viewed. I know that the translation from 3D theater experience is bumping to the laptop screen. But, I cannot change how I viewed this movie for the first time. I noticed that without the surprise and excitement of seeing this with 3D glasses on makes the graphics look terrible.

There were times in the movie that I wanted my imagination to run wild and be engulfed by the imagery, but I was unable to do this. The horrible CGI kept my head in reality. I missed the well cinematic beauty of grotesque accomplished in the original Silent Hill movie. Its changing color palettes that manipulated your mood. Its sounds that crept up behind you, slowly building until the goose bumps flared on your arms with every beat of the drum.

This artistry was lost, I felt, in the Revelation movie.

I still slightly enjoyed the movie for its own distinct qualities. I should have prepared my self with less buzz and expectations. I should have treated this as its own individual experience. I mean, it does have some new friends to meet.

Like, this guy.


And, this neato creature.


Finally, this pretty lady.


Meet these guys, give this movie a chance, and let me know what you thought.

Tune in again next week for another Horror Movie Review.