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A lot of things in nature that can hurt us or annoy us have an actual role to play within our ecosystem, but what in the world is up with grass stickers?

This random shower-thought came to me today as I looked across our radio station's backyard and gazed upon several large patches of stickers. I'm not sure why I reacted to the sight as angrily as I did, but I erupted in angry confusion as i pondered why these pesky patches exist? Like, what's their purpose within our ecosystem?

Bees, for instance, are a complete nuisance and annoyance to us humans. They can and will sting us and boy, will that piss you right off. However, in the grand scheme of things, they are massively important to our ecosystem by pollinating our plants.

Another great example is one that we all know unfortunately well. The mosquito may just be the most annoying thing on planet Earth. They absolutely suck, there's no other way to put it... But, like the bees, they help pollinate our plants and act as an important food source to many animals.

There you have two examples of things we all absolutely hate, yet our ecosystem needs them. So, what on Earth is the purpose of patches of stickers in our grass? The actual name of these pesky patches is spurweed, in case your wondering.

After hours of deep-diving research, I cannot find one single positive thing spurweed does for our ecosystem, and that absolutely irritates me to new heights I never imagined possible. When starting this article, I had hopes of my anger subsiding once I realized these stickers play a pivotal role in our environment. They do not. They are useless and beyond aggravating.

If you have stickers in your yard, let me know and I'll gladly come over with a flamethrower to handle the job.

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