Thanks to O.J., our appetite for police chases is up there with our love for apple pie, selfies and criticizing Kanye West.

Thankfully, this chase in Dallas will satisfy that appetite. A man trying to evade the cops crashed his car into a pair of vehicles, including one SUV, whose driver decided to take justice into her own hands by apprehending the man herself, with the help of her passenger.

It's not clear if she realized the man was on the run from police, not that it would even matter. That dude totally messed up her set of wheels and she wasn't going to simply let insurance handle it. Nope, this road rager had to get down and dirty and hold this man personally responsible.

We recommend watching this video at least a second time, too. You'll notice a kid in the minivan appears shaken up and falls onto the median strip in the roadway. The woman is too busy going vigilante to notice it, though. Yikes.

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