First, I apologize that my dog is almost every picture. She is hyper and wants to meet everyone. Ever since I adopted my dog this year, the only thoughts that cross my mind are:

  • I need to go to work to buy toys for my dog
  • I need to go home to play with my dog
  • I wonder what my dog is doing...
  • Do I want to go out, or do I want to stay home with dog? (usually the latter)
Jason Eisenberg | TSM

So I needed to meet some like-minded (crazy dog people) just like myself. As a new-ish owner, I could use all the tips dog veterans have to offer. The dog owners in Tyler are nothing if not a compassionate group of people who love their dogs, and are excited to meet and pet yours as well.

I've learned this at Sunrise Paw Park in Tyler and earlier this week at ETX Brewing's Yappy Hour.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Every first Thursday of the month, ETX Brewing hosts a Yappy Hour for people to drink beer and bring their dogs. July's Yappy Hour benefited The Human Society's Pets Fur People. They were offering 'pup cakes' for the dogs, courtesy of Smallcakes in Tyler. They looked so good, I almost ate one.

But they had Rotolo's Pizza and Pokey O's Ice Cream to fill my human appetite while my pup went to town on her pup cake.

Seriously, if you're a dog person and are looking for a great community in Tyler, this might be one you don't want to ignore.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM