It's no secret how great rock music fans are. Last week, at a rock music festival in Spain, the greatness of rock fans was further demonstrated.

At Resurrection Fest in Spain, during heavy metal band Arch Enemy's set, a group of fans lifted a man in a wheelchair above their heads so he could crowd surf. We've seen it before but it's awesome to see every time.

The young man in the wheelchair kept both hands in the air pumping along to the music while his friends carried him to the front of the stage.

To take the time to carry this dude so he could rock out like everyone else is just awesome.

Arch Enemy even got a shot of the moment from the stage and shared it on Twitter:

There's a stereotype of heavy metal fans being gruff, uncaring, jerks. I know from experience that ain't the case. Most heavy metals fans are awesome people, they just like tattoos, leather and loud music. Keep on rocking dude.

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