It is Tim Curry's birthday today. The man that became a legend from roles such as the clown from Stephen King's It and the transvestite scientist in Rocky Horror Picture Show, is turning an amazing 67! In honor of this man's day of birth, let's celebrate with a look back at his great career. 

Oh Tim Curry, you weird little man. It is amazing how old Curry has gotten. Let's celebrate him with a look at his more famous roles, the acting parts that made him a legend and creeped us all out.

The first we have to discuss is, of course, Dr. Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror Picture Show. What an odd, odd movie. Do you remember it? No? Here is a little something to bring the memories of pearls and fish nets back.

I bet that sparked a few flash backs. This movie and especially Curry's part ignited a cult following that is going strong to this day. Theaters around the world will fill with people in Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes to act out and sing along with the film. It is amazing to look back at Tim Curry in this movie and to think of him as a 67-year-old man now.

No matter what age he reaches, Curry will be locked in time at a young age because of this movie. Maybe Curry is celebrating his birthday in that heels, lingerie, and lipstick outfit.

When you pass by a storm drain what do you think of? I bet part of you thought back to a clown peeking back at you from the dark. Stephen King's IT, starring Tim Curry haunts viewers to this day. Plenty of people claim their fear of clowns came from watching the movie. The rest of us understand why.

Yes, that was Tim Curry under all of that makeup. His role in this movie allowed him to become a legend. A classic like IT will never get old leaving Curry to be remembered forever.

So, happy birthday Time Curry! And, thank you for all of your weird and creepy roles.

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