When most people think of Hanson, they think of the sweet little boys who brought us the epic song "MMM Bop" back in the day. But now, the Hanson boys are all grown up and are taking shots at rock super group Kings of Leon, and holding nothing back.

In a new interview, the brothers voiced their opinions loud and clear about the band. The Kings of Leon made headlines after their singer, Caleb Followill, left in the middle of a concert and cancelled the remainder of their US tour. Their manager is saying Caleb needs to rest his voice but everyone’s thinking he’s really heading into rehab. Issac, the eldest Hanson, did the majority of the talking:

"They're irritating people and you can't do that too much. Eventually the bad boy image affects fans' willingness to show up. Their fans will get bummed out. Everybody has their demons, everyone has their challenges. I'm a bit of a hothead in certain circumstances, but you've got to temper it because your fans are there and they've paid good money to see a show, and you gotta bring it. I don't wash my dirty laundry in public, I do my dirty laundry backstage."

Hanson compared the Kings of Leon to Oasis, another rock group formed of brothers that imploded. Liam Gallagher of Oasis is now suing his brother, Noel, over the split. It seems as though groups of brothers in the rock genre just run out of luck. Knowing the temper of the members of Kings of Leon, I don't expect them to take this very lightly. They have yet to release a comment back to Hanson, but don't worry, they will.

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