Is there anything worse than trying to get home and not being able to? I will never forget this time last year I drove to Longview to take my father-in-law out to dinner and when I tried to get home I had to take backroads all surrounding I-20 because there was a massive car accident that put I-20 at a standstill.

Something about I-20 and a standstill puts me in a sour mood, luckily we got a heads up to I-20 shutting down overnight thanks to Longview News-Journal. Why will several travelers be having to find backroads to make it from Longview to Hallsville? There will be a big demolition.

According to Longview News-Journal "The closure is set for 7 p.m. Sunday to 5 a.m. Monday as crews work to demolish the bridge that crosses I-20 at Lansing Switch Road" Marcus Sandifer, the spokesman for TxDOT's Atlanta District told Longview News-Journal the detour plans.

All the eastbound traffic will exit at Loop 281 and then be detoured on the farm-to-market roads to get back on I-20. If the thought of that gives you anxiety, don't worry there will be plenty of signs.

All westbound traffic will have to take exit 450 and drive down 80 before heading to Loop 281 and then back onto I-20.

If you had planned to drive through Longview or Hallsville, be ready for detours and a lot of extra time behind the wheel.


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