Well the challenge has come to an end. It has been a weird and scary ride. The final three movies for the month ended it with a bang. 

Some of the picks for the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge have been disappointing. But, in the final days of this challenge things began to pick up. The final three movies brought some of the best moments in from the whole month.

1. Heartless (2009)

You might recognize the lead actor from the movie, Across the Universe. Jim Sturgess stars in this great twisted and clever flick. Born with a large heart shaped birthmark covering most of his face, the main character has hidden away from life for his whole life. Feeling more comfortable behind a camera, he has seen lots of interesting things. One night he sees something that will change his life. Big changes come his way as he makes a deal with a devilish character. But, no deal with the devil can go unpaid. He now must make some very tough decisions. The end of this movie will shock you. This is a definite must see. This film can even be watched by the faint of heart, I am speaking to all of you scaredy cats that can't even watch Jaws without having a heart attack.

2. Exorcismus 

This british flick was a cheesy surprise. The plot of a teenager taken over by a demon and no one understands what is happening had be produced so many times. But, the brits got it right this time. With a modern twist, this tale of possession is eerily realistic. A family of four is living life as usual until their teen daughter begins to act out of character. Is she on drugs? Is her new friend a bad influence? Are her hormones just making her a little more testy than normal? No, a demon has taken her hostage. The image of the young woman's projection of the demon inside her is haunting. The things he makes her do are nail biting to watch. I highly recommend this movie, especially if you are tired of the same old exorcism movie.

3. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011)

Starring Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce, this movie is now a new favorite of mine. With a little jump, suspense, and cheesy special effects this movie is a hit. An old mansion with a history gets a new family to torture. What dwells in the home's basement, is a mischievous and evil group of terrorizers. As seen in so many other movies, these creatures target the child first. Befriending the little girl only to later threaten her life. The ending has a disturbing break in the plot and is a sweet yet troubling moment. This movie does not have a dancing candelabra, but the beast that lives in this mansion will never be loving.

I hope that you all have loved the movies from the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge as much as I have. Have you been watching along? Have you enjoyed any of the movies I have suggested? Are you terrified and just want this all to end?

Well, it is over for now. I will see you again next year. With more movies and more dark October nights to come, next year should be an adventure.

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