Let’s face it — all guys have strange or disgusting habits. You’ve all picked our noses or sneezed all over something or scratched your butts when you don’t think that anyone is looking, but what’s not OK is doing these things in public.

According to Guyism.com, here’s a rundown of some other things you should never do in public.

# Cry (Well in some cases its kinda cool to see.. but sobbing and snot.. PLEASE DON’T)
# Break-up with a girl (Come you — THINK)
# Fight on the phone (Shouldn’t have to tell you this one)
# Adjust your junk (Really — We see, we just avoid eye contact afterwords)
# Eat food off the floor (Your mom told you this — Now we are telling you this)
# Sing (Unless while SOBER you were told you were decent — please don’t)
# Groom yourself (This goes for both men and women)

Here is the BEST part of this post — I took a poll in the office and here is what the results were:

Men should NOT
What Guys Should NOT Do In Public

David McNew, Getty Images

Wear speedo’s — Do I need to say more?
(The picture in the post speaks for its self on what NOT TO DO)
Spit — NASTY – RUDE.
Ogle or Cat call at women — REALLY very uncool.
Scratch, Itch nor Adjust ‘junk’ — Really if you are that uncomfortable GO TO THE DOCTOR.
Pick your nose. — Come on there is NO GOLD up there!
Grope, fondle, inappropriately caress their significant others in public. — It’s disrespectful.
Please NO skinny pants! — I don’t want to see your junk.
Attempt to say a designer’s name — You look stupid
Let your raggedy wallet show just to make other think you have money. It looks ridiculous.
Attempt a comb over when it is over – Shave your head…way sexier.
Stare at a woman when they are with their woman — Sigh.. why must we tell you this?
Act dumb in public – Including fist pumping or ridiculous hand shakes.
Spack when you eat

Women should NOT

‘Openly’ breast feed
NO wearing their pajamas — Please wear them at HOME.
Apply make-up — Cake that stuff on at home.
Don’t Pee In Public — Ladies really? Have some pride!

Both Men & Women Should NOT:
Pass wind in public — Gas-x was created for a reason.
Unbotton their pants after a big meal — Maybe don’t eat so much?